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Scan to BIM 301 - Advanced Tips & Tactics to Maximize your Project Profitability

Updated: Dec 9, 2020


Even after years of working on Scan to BIM projects, you can still get caught off-guard when conditions change, or things go wrong. But don’t despair, our panel will cover how you can prepare for the worst while still planning for the best.

We’ll cover advanced tips, tricks, and even some hacks that you can use to give your project that extra boost to get it over the finish line on time and under budget. We’ll also discuss the right way to share bad news with your clients as this is often the role we building documentation professionals find ourselves in. So, get ready to rip off the band-aid!

Highlights from the session include:

  • Multi-instrument capture workflows

  • Pre-processing data to improve accuracy

  • How to fix registrations gone wrong

  • Advanced cleaning and clipping tips

  • Robust QA/QC for Scan to BIM

  • Supplemental deliverables and how they can build customer loyalty

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