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Scan to BIM 101 -

Updated: Dec 10, 2020


Getting familiar with reality capture and working with point clouds for the first time can be overwhelming. From selecting the right tools for the job to managing large data files effectively, there is much involved in delivering a successful Scan to BIM project.

In this webinar video, you’ll learn a host of back-to-basics tips from our panel that will help you deliver accurate and timely Scan to BIM projects. You’ll discover how to tackle the most common project challenges and pitfalls at every stage of the Scan to BIM process so your next job will be a success!

Highlights from the session include:

  • The most common rookie mistakes during field acquisition

  • The pros and cons of different registration methods

  • To clean, or not to clean… that is the question

  • Walking the line – accuracy vs. nominalization

  • Deliverable to-don’ts

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